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Coach Story 

DP; Darrell Payne
Coach, Lead Facilitator 
Co Founder | Big Dawg Motivates 

"Before you can help someone defeat their challenges.

 You must first learn how to defeat yours.


"Lets Werk 

Dawg's Journey 


- Being Allergic to so many foods.

I was constantly having food reactions and weight gain. 

With so many toxins & chemicals in the foods I was lost in the nutrition world on what to eat. 


Even after visiting Doctors, Nutritionists and Allergists with very little answers. Still feeling hopeless and ignorant on what to eat. I limited my diet to Oatmeal, Turkey, Tuna & Salad 7 days a week. 

It was very little nutrition but it worked.

I called it my survival kit. It was the only thing at the time I didn’t majorly react to. 


Fast forward, I was reunited with a childhood friend. Who was also Whole food Strategist & Nutrition Coach .

After explaining my journey and issues. I was recommended to explore the plant based whole food Lifestyle. I was totally geeked about trying something new. But reserved at the same time because I didn't grow up eating a-lot of vegetables or fruit. 

I had already tried many other recommendations with little to no success. I was all ears and willing to give it a shot... Her plan was different and she was already responsible for reversing diagnoses in High blood Pressure, Diabetes High Cholesterol, Obesity in her self and others. I definitely knew she knew something I didn't. And that has been always my missing piece. Whole Food and Holistic Nutrition. I needed her coaching style in that area. I had tried it my way long enough. 


While I’m not 100% plant-base yet. That’s definitely my goal. 

I now only consume about 20% of the Meat, Dairy and Sugars that I use to. 

My weight is down over 140 lbs. 

My energy is up. My insomnia has greatly improved. BP & cholesterol numbers look great. I no longer need c-pap to sleep. My sleep apnea has diminished.

Even after the 140 lbs drop I still have a way to go. 

But overall I'd definitely recommend this lifestyle and her as your nutritional coach. 


If you're looking to get healthier or lose weight without always counting calories. Explore the Whole food | Plant-base lifestyle. 

I will be sharing more of my lifestyle transition on our new community blog page

 @ IG/FB Bigdawgmotivates 


Follow our Blog here for tips and updates on Work out Locations, Fitness and Nutrition Tips ... 


Consistency is Everything... 

Health and Wellness, cannot exist without Nutrition.

It will eventually fail you.

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