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What To Expect?

BDM Sports Development Camp offers off-season continuation and skill set training of muscle memory application.

Repetitious counseling and coaching for next-level success. 

This builds consistency, lifestyle, and wellness habits all year. 

We offer a 360 Athletic Development Conditioning Program. Tailored to Youth Athletes and Aspiring to be..


The Program is composed of 3 Focused components. 

✅Conditioning Fit

✅Skills Development 

✅Nutrition & Wellness 

Meeting 2x a Week

Tshirts are required in training 

After Registration, you will be offered Tshirts 


  •  Sports have Seasons, your body does not! Lets Work

$199 Promotion Meal Plan and Wellness EDU Included Reg Program $399

Big Dawgs Registration
Liability Waiver

To participate in any program or physical activity
Do you have a doctor’s permit to participate in intense physical activities?
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