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New Release! Aug 2


Plant Based  Power! A Herbal Supplement. Great for Morning or Pre Workout Boost.

You won't miss the coffee or the artificial energy drinks!

It's Natural so there's no crash later.

Add Rhodiola to your favorite Smoothies or Juices or spoon!


About the Herb Rhodiola 


Today, rhodiola is promoted to increase energy, stamina, strength, and mental capacity, improve athletic performance, resist the effects of stress, and help manage depression, anxiety, and other symptoms.


Rhodiola rosea, called rhodiola, and known as "golden root" or "arctic root" in the mountainous parts of Europe and Asia, has long been employed in Eurasian traditional medicine as a natural tonic, referred to as an "adaptogen." Rhodiola is used to promote good health, strength, endurance and physical and mental



Recharge Rhodiola

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  • Keep All Sea Moss Products Refrigerated.

    Due to the nature of this Product. We do not accept Returns or Refunds. We will offer replacement for any incorrect or Product imperfection in the shipment Process upon delivery.

    Please call our Customer Service to request a Freshness Return within 24 hrs of receipt.  

    Thank you for your support.

    Big Dawg Motivates,

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