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About Us


A Faith based organization helping Families, Children and Individuals get to the next level of Physical fitness, Spiritual and Emotional Growth. Through Faith ,Education, Nutrition and Athletic Conditioning.

We offer non traditional group, personal and nutritional coaching services coupled with nutrition . We create multiple branches that anyone can reach and succeed at. We understand Fitness from a different level. This is why in our Transformation Programs. Its Nutrition first,then Fitness. Because we know one is not sustainable without the other.

After Workout
Nutrition First, Then Fitness

It Doesn't get Easier, You Get Better.
No Excuses!! 

When you reverse engineer the traditional approach to Fitness and Wellness. The success is not short lived.

We focus on the Nutrition first then fitness. The goal becomes obtainable and sustainable.  Lets Work!



Our Personal Coaching Sessions are designed to Consult over Nutrition and Wellness first.

We understand you have a Physical fitness goal. The proper nutrition must be couple or your result will be slow and short lived.

Tip: We want you to understand that one is not sustainable without the other.

            GROUP FITNESS


We work with small groups and families.

This is great for anyone who wants an on going accountability partners or needs more motivation form other. Also great for smaller budgets. 

You simply meet us at our current locations or Create a group you want us to come Coach

Then Book It in our Online Calendar. 

Tip: Feel free to join our Community Group

Stay tune locations may vary.


As you may already know we lead with Nutrition first then Fitness. We know you cant have sustainable results without it . Every Plan is couple with Consultation and Targeted Meals Plan.

Tip: Start with the Food the Weight and Health will Follow. Our Creator designed our bodies to self heal. But you must give it the environment to thrive. 

How We Work? 

1.Book Your Preferred Transformation Package 

2.Schedule Your Initial Nutrition and Physical Assessment, Its Included 

3.Book Your Online Sessions that's most Convenient

4.Recieve and Start Your 30 Meal Plan and Journal, Its Included 

Green Smoothie

'Your Nutrition will determine how far your body will go.

We understand that nutrition is 80% of your success. Every transformation package is supported by an assessment and personalized meal plan focused on your goals. Focus on the right nutrition the Health, Weight and Fitness will follow.

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