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What to Drink for Power

Dawg Juice Rx 

Nutrition First, Then Fitness 


The Power of Juice 

The right blend of Fruit are electricity to the body. Not all fruit are electric or Alkaline but Every fruit blend in Dawg Juice Rx is. The power of blending electric Fruit Juice that aid in Detoxification, Stamina Inflammation Reduction that supports overall immunity and health.

Plant Based Power

We Included sea moss in every recipe to offer 92+ Minerals that add even more punch in overall health but itsan optional Ingredient and highly suggested.


Holistic Alkalizing Blends that aid in Detoxification.

Energy boost ,Hydration and Wellness. With these powerful blends you cant miss.


Nutrition First, Then Fitness

Kiwi Juice

On a Mission to Educate 
As we see ADHD, Illness, Stress and Anxiety, Depression and Suicide rates Climb the later at an all time high. We often ask ourselves. How did this happen to my me or my child.
Never thinking were behind the diagnosis. Let me be very clear.
Your lack of knowledge and belief expectation in others, will often mislead you.  

Juice Benefits


The Why 

We published this product to equipped our Parents and children with the proper Education and Knowledge to create change in their Lifestyle Diet. We do understand that knowledge applied becomes an extremely higher risk to invoke a healthier disease free life.

Its time to change the generational habits we teach and pass down to our family. And the only way is to Apply the knowledge. Many of those start with Food. Not the disease itself. 

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Citrus Fruits

Now Available 

In Dawg Juice Rx I also breakdown how to ID hidden sugars by name and how to replace them in your food and drinks. To avoid drinks being detrimental to the body.


 " You can't help no one until you help Yourself "

I remember my first two clients were diagnosed with High BP, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Obesity and PTSD. That also came with what I call the cousins. Neuropathy and Hormonal issues like Low TD and Hot Flashes. Both at high risk for heart disease. I'm super excited and extremely blessed to report neither one have anything now.

The reports says it was never there. To share my faith and testimony one of them was me.

My Lifestyle of what society calls good food got the best of me.

My Solution was simple but the hardest thing I've ever done. I changed.

Coach Lynn, 

Holistic Nutrition | Wellness 

Citrus Fruits

Juice Jumpstart 

Restores and Balance Hormones 

What to Drink for Power 

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The Power of Juice 

Yes, I know what you thought the label said. 100% fruit juice doesn't mean that. I regret to inform you Raw juice is not available in stores. You must create it. Honestly it can't live on shelfs pass a few days. Because Natural Fruit Juice ferments. That's nature, and that's how you know its whole.

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