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All About Nutrition 

What's the greatest and most expensive asset you will ever own ?

Right! Your Health, you cant do nothing significant with bad health. 

Green Smoothie

Holistic Nutrition Coach 

Because,Health Has No Size.


Freelance Holistic Nutrition, Hair loss & Wellness Strategist. Specializing in Sports Nutrition, Weight Loss, Gains, Plant-based and Disease Reversal fighting food Rx. I help you create optimal life to the human body naturally with electric mineral base foods. 


Since we know real food was created to give the Body Fuel, Electricity, boost immunity and fight disease. 

That's exactly what I’m here to help you do. 

Coach Lynn, OP; IP,EDU


Nutritionist didn’t work?  Medicine didn’t work? 

Well we definitely heard that before. Tell me more. Before we offer solutions or suggestions we educate. 

A traditional nutritionist is governed by the SAD diet. Standard American Diet. We are not.

Yes we are knowledgeable and we understand that diet as-well. 

However we are not confined to that box. And this is great news for you .

Unfortunately (SAD) still contains foods high in chemicals, toxins, saturated fats and uric acids that are not scientifically conductive to our body's best health.

And is known to be connected to a number of diseases and health issues. 

Our Approach 

Consuming the right food puts your body in the best position to fight, build and live in the best environment to thrive. It can also reverse any ailment you may face while consuming a diet high in Saturated Fats, Uric Acid and Highly Processed Foods.

Ei: Man Made ,Artificial foods. Aka trash 🗑 to your body. 

I’ve heard some people say eating healthy is expensive. Well I’ve done the math for you and lived on both sides. 

It's way more expensive to eat bad and its also usually attached to a monthly medical and or prescription bill. So That’s the choice.

But your Life is the most expensive asset you’ll ever own. Id say go for it 

Invest in you. 

Coach Lynn,



What to Drink for Power

Nutrition First, Then Fitness  

Let us Customize A Meal Plan for You. 

Nutrition first, then Fitness.  

We take your current needs and situation into full consideration. No cookie cutter approach. We know everyone's body is different. 

Rather, Overweight, Illness ,Muscle building or just time and balance is needed. We help you reach your goals with Sophisticated meal plans built just for you.

A Deep dive nutrition consultation is included in every fitness transformation assessment.

Mexican Meal

Meal Plan Class

I Have no Idea of What High Quality Proteins, Carbs or Fats Are. I need a Nutritional Plan that supports my goals.  

Young Dietitian

Nutrition Coaching 

Create a Nutritional Meal Plan and tweak as needed to support my Goals. This comes with our Fitness Plans too. 

Nutritional Cooking


DYI Just help me get on track. Teach me how to Eat and why I've failed. I can take it from there. I need an Assessment.

Want a ready to go Targeted meal plan?

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