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The Biggest Burner 20/30 Challenge

Purpose - To offer resources in Fitness, Sports and Wellness in the community. That inspires Discipline, Skill Set and Wellness development. To serve at risk youth and under-resourced families with education and training they would not normally have access to.

What's that About? 


A healthy rapid weight loss transformation meal plan. That lowers your Cholesterol, inflammation, insulin and blood pressure.. and still puts the body in Ketosis (A fat burning machine )in less than 7 days when Followed.

A Keto Inspired customized 30 day meal plan 

Designed by our Nutrition Coach and Food Strategist.

Join the Biggest Burner 30 Challenge..

Fundraiser contribution Reg. $147 | This Week Now $97


Help Support Our Mission,Join The Challenge 

Simple Meal Plan

Get the 30 Day Biggest Burner

 Meal Plan

Bootcamp Support 

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 Saturday Bootcamp Burn

Community Support

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In efforts to fund our Mission we have decided to offer 20/30 Challenge as a part of our Holiday Giveaway

Join The Mission, Join The Challenge! 


What is The Biggest Burner  🔥

A Keto Inspired customized 30 day meal plan .. Designed by our Nutrition Coach and Food Strategist.


Low in Carb ,Low in Sugar, High in Healthy Fats and Nutrients. 

Designed for Healthy and Rapid Weight loss. By putting the body in a Healthy Ketosis. Feeding the body a Healthy Fat substitute instead of Refined Carbohydrates or Sugar.  

Losing Fat instead of Muscle while dropping consistent pounds..


Join Us, you’ve tried everything else! It’s customized for optimal healthy weight loss.


We are also celebrating that our Co-Founder has already dropped nearly 20lbs 

In 3 weeks, Wow!


Thank you for your Support! 

All proceeds go to The Dawg Foundation www.

If 80% is Food and Nutrition Lifestyle.

We know why we gained the Weight. Now there's no Excuse! Lets Burn it off with a Plan ..

Green Smoothie

Smoothie Me

Its better to make a high nutrient meal replacement then to eat badly on the go!

Meal Planner Menu (2).png

Burn Me 

Reset your body and drop the weight healthy and Quickly.

Ketosis Inspired 30 day Plan 

Kiwi Juice

Juice Me 

Are your drinks loaded with refined Calories ,Sugar and Carbs with no Nutrient? 

Exercise Group

Join our Saturday Bootcamp Burn!

The Biggest Burn HIIT Boot Camp 

Every Saturday @8:00 

Where: Blueridge Park 

Our Mission -

To Development children and families in the area of Fitness ,Sports and Wellness with Education ,Skill Set and Resources. 

To enhance the awareness of Self Care, Self Esteem ,Social and Emotional Growth. 


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Thanks for joining!

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