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Sports Nutrition 

Our Goal with Sports Nutrition E- Magazine is to normalize conversations in Nutrition, Health and Wellness on and off the court.

To advance the knowledge of Athletics to empower their game and overall internal health.

It is a great tool to give to any Youth or Aspiring Athletic to learn early how their body works with real food and nutrition.  


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Work Harder in Off Season 

We Help Youth Athletics build 360 conditioning in the off season to become their best Self. Through skills development, endurance, and mindset conditioning .



A Non-Profit Faith based Coaching organization.

We help Families, Children and Individuals get to the next level of Physical fitness, Spiritual and Emotional Growth. Through Mindset, Education, Nutrition and Athletic Conditioning.

Sports Development

We offer Personalized Coaching Programs in

Sports Conditioning ,Skills Development Wellness Coaching Coupled with Meal Planning and Support .

Wellness Nutrition

Our Wellness Nutrition is Center around Heart Health ,Endurance and Strengthening.

This enables you to Train ,Work and Function at a Higher Level. Without Premature Fatigue or Injury risk.

Community Support

We believe in paying it forward. We offer Complimentary Sports & Fitness Coaching  inside our Community that Supports overall Sportsmanship, Unity & Wellness .

One Mission One Run..

To Develop children and families in the areas of Sports , Fitness and Wellness. With education, skill set training and resources that enhance the awareness of Self Care , Self Esteem, Social and Emotional Growth.



A person with raw abilities and willingness to achieve growth through teachable moments and a burning desire to be better than yesterday.

Big Dawg,

What is Off Season Camp About?

Keeping the body conditioned, in off season for in season.

BDM Sport Development Camp offers conditioning continuation. Skill set training of muscle memory application.

Repetitious counseling and coaching for next level success. 

Building consistency, lifestyle and wellness habits all year. 


•We meet two days a week in Missouri City for specified sessions.


Don’t get Complacent in the off season expecting to be your best in season. Consistency is key.


We Train up a child in the way he/she should go.

Community Fit.jpg


American Football Game


Big Dawg is consistent ,very supportive of the kids … recommended by many for high intensity training , always a positive individual!!!

Arms Raised in Huddle


Awesome and Amazing are 2 of the best words I can use for each and every workout that we do. I leave tired but very motivated and look forward for the next one. My energy level has improved. My health has improved. love it love it love it!


The BDM team have a heart for health and wellness. This translates in every coaching session with them! There program will help your young son or daughter build confidence and of course strength and endurance. They can also do the same for you as they work with FAMILIES! They helped me and my children, they can help you and yours


Sport Conditioning 




Wellness Coach  



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